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Untern.-Führung B.A. AWS 041 Fr. Erlewein/ Hr. Dey Betriebswirtschaft/ Int. Management B.A. (Business, Internat. Mgmt.) La classification internationale type de l'éducation ou CITE (ISCED pour International Standard Classification of Education) est une classification des différents niveaux d'éducation qui peut s'appliquer pour tous les pays. 11/11/14 - SRI PARTENAIRES ERASMUS MOBILITE PREVUE 2014-2021 2/11 Pays Universités partenaires Code Erasmus+ Composante Département ou domaine d'études Niveau Code ISCED Durée de l'accord ROYAUME-UNI Leeds Metropolitan University UK LEEDS02 AI Anglais L 023 2014/2016 ROYAUME-UNI University of Aberdeen UK ABERDEE01 AI Anglais L 023 2014-2015 L'ISCED (International Standard Classification of Education, classificazione internazionale standard dell'istruzione) è uno standard creato dall'UNESCO come sistema internazionale di classificazione dei corsi di studio e dei relativi titoli Erasmus+ for studies: comparative tables of field of studies (ISCED and ERA Codes) ISCED Codes ERA Codes ISCED_Unesco: field of studies Erasmus+ Programme Cod_ERA : field of studies LLP/Erasmus Programme ISCED descrizione Cod_ERA descizione 003 Personal skills and development 16.0 ALTRE AREE DI STUDIO ISCED‐Codes (Fächercodes) der Universität Bonn Hochschulcode der Universität Bonn für ERASMUS: D BONN01 ECHE‐Nummer: 29901‐EPP‐1‐2014‐DE‐EPPKA3‐ECHE Fakultäten Studienrichtungen (hierunter können ggf. verschiedene Studiengänge fallen) Nummer Subject Code UFR Arts et Sciences Humaines Codes ISCED Anthropologie 0314 Archéologie 0222 Enseignement et formation 0114 Histoire de l'art 0213 Histoire 0222 Histoire de l'alimentation 0222 Musicologie 0215 Philosophie 0223 Psychologie 0313 Sociologie 0314 Communication visuelle, conception graphique et multimédia 61 Centre d'Etudes Supérieures de la Subject Area Codes ISCED Codes Erasmus Partner Institutions Giving lectures at NCU (STA - Staff Teaching Assignments) If you would like to enrich our offer with your lectures, NCU would be glad to host you in Toruń. Within the Erasmus+ programme and signed bilateral agreements lecturers may visit Toruń for 2 days up to 2 months. If you hand in your application after the deadlines for the Erasmus grant you will be added to our waiting list. Applications handed in after the start of your exchange will not be accepted at all and you will not have an Erasmus+ status (which means you have to pay tuition fees).

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Institution. ERASMUS-. Code. Finnland. Finland.

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Coimbra Group Student Exchange Network [Erasmus code of the somling institution] [Ei nsmiis code of the receiving inslitutioii] Subject Subject Stu area code [ISCED] area name * Number of student mobility periods Studc-Mit Mol)illly lor Sfuciie'j lioicil niiiiihei of niiiiilh::- ol llio r-l I Il ly jici iorhs. 01 ,IVl -I, IIII' (Illl,ilillll' I .'Student Mobility lor Trainepshipy Bando Erasmus+ Studio: tabella comparativa delle aree di studio (ISCED Code) ordinamento per ISCED ordinamento per Codice ERA ISCED_Unesco: area studio Programma Erasmus+ Cod_ERA : area studio Programma LLP/Erasmus ISCED descrizione Cod_ERA descizione 003 Personal skills and development 16.0 ALTRE AREE DI STUDIO In addition to the detailed fields in the table above; “0”, “8” and “9” may be used (see also the guidelines in Sections 7 and 8): “8” is used at the narrow and detailed field level when classifying inter-disciplinary or broad programmes and qualifications to the broad field in which the greater part of the intended learning time is spent (e.g.

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Isced code erasmus

Tel. 79777. Erasmus Student Charter; Erasmus Checklist; EU Eligibility Criteria; Erasmus ISCED codes (academic/subject areas); Information on Online Linguistics Support  What is ERASMUS+?. ERASMUS+ stands for “European Community Action Scheme for the Mobility of University Students” and its  Name, Faculty/Department, Erasmus code (if applicable), Address, Country, Contact person 3 Field of education: The ISCED-F 2013 search tool available at  ISCED97-ämneskoder.

Isced code erasmus

The majority of codes are the same for ISCED-P and ISCED-A but there are also some exceptions, in particular in the case of short programmes for which educational attainment is downgraded to the lower ISCED level. ISCED is a widely-used a global reference classification for education systems that is maintained and periodically revised by the UIS in consultation with Member States and other international and regional organizations. ISCED 2011 is the second major revision of this classification (initially developed in the 1970s and revised in 1997). List of the ISCED Codes used by Egracons 0011 - Basic programmes and qualifications 0021 - Literacy and numeracy 0031 - Personal skills and development 0100 - Education, not further defined 0110 - Education, not further defined 0111 - Education science 0112 - Training for pre-school teachers 0113 - Teacher training without subject specialisation Aree disciplinari Erasmus CODICI ISCED Descrizione Codici ISCED 01 AGRICULTURAL SCIENCES 01.0 Agricultural sciences 62 Agriculture, forestry and fishery 01.1 Agriculture 620 Agriculture, forestry and fishery (broad programmes) 01.2 Agricultural Economics 6201 Agricultural Economics 01.3 Food Science and Technology 6202 Food Science and Technology ISCED-Code: 0541 - 1-2 Sem. SPRACHNACHWEIS: ZEMS Französich B1 BSc. MSc. Université de Strasbourg ISCED-Code: 0541 - 1-2 Sem. SPRACHNACHWEIS: ZEMS Französich B2 BSc. MSc. ISCED-Code – Bedeutungserklärung finden Sie auf den nächsten Seiten der Broschüre Änderungen vorbehalten, Aktualisierungen unter ISCED Code --> Erasmus Subject Code (EN) Isced Description Subj Code SC Text 09 Personal skills ERA-16.0 16.0 Other Areas of Study 9021 Physical Education, Sport Science ERA-16.1 16.1 Physical Education, Sport Science LIST OF SUBJECT AREA - CODES ISCED - (01.0 Agricultural Sciences) 62 Agriculture, forestry and fishery (01.1 Agriculture) 620 Agriculture, forestry and fishery (broad programmes) (01.2 Agricultural Economics) 629 Agriculture, forestry and fishery (others) (01.3 Food Science and Technology) 541 Food processing (01.4 Horticulture) 622 Horticulture Field of Education Code (ISCED Codes) Code Describtion 0111 Education science 0112 Training for pre ‐ school teachers 0114 Teacher training with subject specialization 0211 Audio ‐ visual techniques and media production 0215 Music and performing arts 022 Humanities (except languages) (ISCED-F 2013 codes) Broad field Narrow field Detailed field 00 Generic programmes and qualifications 001 Basic programmes and qualifications 002 Literacy and numeracy 003 Personal skills and development 0011 Basic programmes and qualifications 0021 Literacy and numeracy 0031 Personal skills and development Erasmus Charter ISCED Codes ; ISCED Codes. Küçült Yazı Tipi Büyüt.
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Isced code erasmus

Study programme (relevant for your study stay):, Study programme. Principal study subject  Student Mobility for Studies (SMS). FROM.

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Bilgi İşlem Daire Başkanlığı - Her Hakkı Saklıdır [] IPv6 Etkin Erasmus programı kapsamında yüksek öğretimin ilk yılındaki öğrenciler hariç, doktora dahil olmak üzere öğrencilere, üniversiteler arasında varılan ikili anlaşmalar ve düzenlemeler çerçevesinde, diğer katılımcı ülkedeki bir üniversitede veya yüksek öğrenim kurumunda 3-12 ay eğitim desteği (Erasmus hibesi) sağlanmaktadır. (ISCED-A).